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Financial Aid for Summer Programs

Summer Session

All students who wish to receive financial assistance for the 2022 TCNJ Summer Session must complete the 2022 TCNJ Summer Session Financial Aid Application (available March 17th, 2022 by following the steps below) in addition to having filed the 2021-2022 FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA.

Your financial aid file must be complete by June 30th, to receive a financial assistance award for the Summer.

Limited financial assistance is available for students attending Summer Session at The College. Most students can only receive student loans that are based on remaining eligibility from the previous academic year. You must have made satisfactory academic progress at the end of the Spring semester to be considered for Summer assistance.

For most types of assistance, including student loans, you must be enrolled at least half-time.

Summer school course work is subject to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Assistance Eligibility.

Financial Assistance Information and Application

Read the following carefully, then complete and submit the Summer application. By submitting the application, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the information below. Print out this information sheet and retain it for your records.


  • June 30th is the deadline to apply for Summer Financial Assistance at TCNJ.
  • Matriculated Students must have filed the 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)/Renewal FAFSA by June 30th to be considered for summer assistance.
  • All documentation necessary to complete your application for financial assistance must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Financial Assistance by June 30th.


In order to be eligible for any form of Summer Session assistance, you must:

  • Have minimum combined enrollment hours of at least 1.5 units for Undergraduate Students, 5 credits for Graduate Students taken at TCNJ. These minimum hours of enrollment may be achieved by students combining hours from multiple sessions of enrollment at TCNJ during the summer.
  • Have met the requirements of “TCNJ Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Eligibility.”
  • Be admitted to or enrolled in a degree or teaching certificate program at TCNJ.
  • Provide all requested documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are less than half-time, non-matriculated and/or visiting students may apply for a private loan through Sallie Mae but are not eligible for the Federal Student Loan Program.*

Credit Hours and Enrollment Status

  • Full-time = 3 units enrollment (Undergrad) 9 credit hours enrollment (Graduate)
  • Three-quarter Time = 2.25 units enrollment (Undergrad)
  • Half-time = 1.5 units enrollment (Undergrad) 5 credit hours enrollment (Graduate)

These minimum hours of enrollment may be achieved by students combining hours from multiple sessions of enrollment at TCNJ during the summer.

Access to Financial Assistance Funds

Disbursement dates are dependent upon the number of sessions enrolled, the number of credit hours enrolled each session, and the type of financial aid awarded. Under certain circumstances, you may be awarded funds for Summer Session attendance that will not be disbursed until the beginning of your second enrollment period, in some cases this could mean late June or even mid-July. No aid will be disbursed until Summer Session classes begin.

Types of Assistance Available

Federal Pell Grant Program: Only students eligible for a Pell Grant during the academic year can be considered for this type of assistance. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will inform you of remaining eligibility under this program. Please note that Pell Grant awards during the summer disburse differently than other summer financial aid, summer Pell Grants will not disburse to a student’s account until after the beginning of Session 3.

Federal Direct Loan Program: Only students with remaining academic year Federal Direct Loans eligibility will be able to borrow during the Summer Session. The amount you can borrow in an academic year is limited. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will inform you if you have any remaining eligibility under the Federal Direct Loan Program.

Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) & Graduate PLUS Loans:

Alternative Loans:
Please Note: Less than half-time, non-matriculated and/or visiting students are only eligible for alternative loans administered by Sallie Mae. (*Suggesting this lender does not signify endorsement by TCNJ or the Financial Aid Office and does not constitute a preferred lender list.)

Paying The Bill

You may use your “Award Notification of Eligibility” for deferment of charges with the Office of Student Accounts. Your student account will not be credited with aid from the Federal Direct Loan Program until all documents have been completed properly, loan approval has been secured, and expected enrollment status is met. Refunds are processed by the Office of Student Accounts. Questions concerning these should be directed to (609) 771-2172.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

You are reminded that students failing to meet the “Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Standards for Financial Aid Eligibility” at the conclusion of Spring Semester, are not eligible to receive Summer Session assistance. Any award packages previously offered will be canceled. A copy of the current “Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Eligibility” can be found by clicking the above referenced link.

Please Read the Following Statement Carefully:

Please be aware that you must be ENROLLED for at least 1.5 units (Undergrad) or 5 credit hours (Graduate) during the Summer Sessions in order for The College to disburse your financial assistance. Disbursement will occur within the session that half-time enrollment status is reached.

This requirement mirrors the semester requirement that a student be ENROLLED for at least half-time status in order to be eligible to receive aid. Students who fail to ENROLL for the minimum required units/hours will have their awards canceled and will become responsible for any outstanding charges.

Please Note: If at any point the amount of units or credits you are taking in the Summer changes, you are required to report this to our office ( Thank you.

2022 TCNJ Summer Aid Application

Summer App 2022 Instructions:

Important Notice: Download and load .pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Save as and rename with [PAWS_ID]_Summer App 2022.pdf
  • Fill out the fillable fields in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Email with the .pdf as an attachment from your TCNJ account.
    • Specify the subject line to be [PAWS_ID]_Summer App 2022

Click Here for the 2022 TCNJ Summer Aid Application