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HELP Loans

The Office of Student Financial Assistance has a limited loan fund available to students for assistance in meeting unexpected expenses due to emergencies. There is no interest payment on HELP loan funds. You may only receive one HELP loan per semester.

These funds are reserved to assist students with unexpected expenses which occur throughout the semester. As these funds are limited, expected expenses such as books are not intended to be covered through this resource. Students should arrive on campus with resources to purchase their books.

To obtain a HELP loan, a student must fill out an application in the Office of Student Financial Assistance. You must repay funds to the Office of Student Accounts within 30 days, before subsequent financial assistance is received, or by the end of the current semester, whichever comes first.

A HELP loan is a promissory obligation that must be repaid by the specified due date. Failure to repay a HELP loan in a timely manner revokes a student’s eligibility for future funding with the HELP loan program. If you are delinquent in repayment of a HELP loan you will be prevented from registering or receiving official transcripts. Delinquent students are also charged a late fee of $50 per month.

Unfortunately, HELP loan funds may become depleted during the course of a semester. If that occurs, these funds will not be available again until the first day of classes of the next semester.